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Samantha Bakke

Wealth Advisor & Executive Director with One Capital Management
Serving the Santa Maria Valley and Surrounding Areas

Individual & Private Client Family Services


Financial planning

Assistance planning an individual’s finances including income, investment, taxes, financial risks and other financial obligations


Assistance planning to stop working including saving for future expenses, healthcare, and day-to-day expenses


Education savings

Assistance creating a savings plan to pay for higher education which may have state and federal tax benefits


Assistance getting insurance for a person, family, or business to protect from unexpected losses

Investment advising

Assistance getting investment recommendations and managing assets such as stocks or property

Home purchase

Assistance in planning to purchase a residence including down payment and credit score check

Estate planning

Assistance planning what will happen to assets after death including taxes and transfer of property to beneficiaries

Tax planning

Finding opportunities to minimize taxes, maximize deductions, get tax credits, change investing strategies and more to reduce tax liability


Assistance with other financial planning issues

Don’t Get Lost in a Portfolio

The most important difference between building an individualized wealth strategy and being dropped into a generalized investment machine by a “big box” financial advisory firm is the intricate attention to your specific needs. Not everyone’s assets are the same and, certainly, not everyone’s goals are the same. Maximum returns are yielded by those plans that are highly tailored and follow the growth of the individual and family over time.


Are you happy with your current advisor? It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion! In fact – it may pay off.


Services for Farm & Ranching Families


Agricultural Financial Planning

Developing the right agriculture wealth plan is a multi-dimensional planning process, focused around designing the right succession strategy – along with estate, gift, investment, elder care, business and income tax considerations

Farm Transition

For those farmers who have adult children interested in production agriculture, planning the transition cannot start too early. Transition optimization with care and consideration for long-term care without placing a financial burden on the successor is key. 


Like-Kind Exchange

A like-kind exchange is often referred to a “1031” exchange since this is the IRS code section that permits the deferral of capital gain and deprecation recapture on the sale of farm, business and investment real estate if certain rules are followed

Family Partnership

An advanced farm transfer strategy that re-organizes complex family farm enterprises into a business entity with two classes of ownership – voting and non-voting – is the family limited partnership (“FLP”).  The FLP can solve a host of difficult planning problems for the large family farm.

Special Use Valuation

A significant estate tax exception applies for closely held farms and other family-owned businesses called special use valuation (“SUV”). The SUV enables farm families to pass farmland with high development value to their heirs at a reduced estate transfer value.  

Conservation Easements

Protecting farmland and open space for future generations of your family or the public can be a meaningful legacy.  However, few landowners want to make an outright gift of their land and a conservation easement can satisfy this planning goal.

A Little About Me

Born and raised in the Central Valley, I cut my teeth amongst one of the United State’s deepest agricultural sectors as an advisor with both JP Morgan Chase and Well’s Fargo.

Now, as an Executive Director with One Capital Management. I can service the Santa Maria Valley intimately while allowing my clients to benefit from one of the most diverse and experienced portfolio management teams the Central Coast has to offer.


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